White Label Services: Your Gateway to the CBD Market


Catalysing Your Brand in the Expanding CBD Landscape

In today’s dynamic wellness industry, CBD has firmly rooted its significance. From high-end health food boutiques to local pharmacies, CBD’s ubiquitous presence is undeniable. Jump on the opportunity to launch and elevate your brand in the market with our premier white label services. Whether you’re a nascent brand or an established entity aiming to diversify, our tailored solutions cater to a broad spectrum, supporting both low order quantities and offering exclusive rates.

Your Brand’s Journey from Concept to Consumer

At Cannalink, we understand that a brand’s journey is intricate. Leveraging our expansive network with leading global cultivators, state-of-the-art ISO 7 accredited labs, and in-house design proficiency, we ensure your brand’s evolution is seamless and exceptional. Our comprehensive suite extends beyond product formulation – right from conceptualising the brand to ensuring it reaches the consumer, we’re your white label partners.

Our Diverse Product Portfolio

Our white label catalogue is a testament to our commitment to innovation and quality:

  • CBD E-Liquids: Premium vape solutions for the discerning consumer.
  • CBD Oils: Harnessing the purest extracts for holistic wellness.
  • CBD Cosmetics: Integrating the wonders of CBD into skincare and beauty.
  • CBD Edibles: A delectable approach to well-being.
  • CBD Drinks: Refreshing beverages with the essence of CBD.
  • Non-CBD Cosmetics, Vapes, and Powdered Capsules: Quality and innovation, sans CBD. Adaptogenic, mushroom and ayurvedic ingredients. 

Ever-Evolving, Ever-Expanding

Our commitment to progress and perfection is relentless. As pioneers in the industry, we are constantly expanding our horizons and diversifying our product range. If you have a specific white label product in mind that doesn’t feature in our current portfolio, we’re eager to hear from you and explore collaborative opportunities.

Collaborate with Market Leaders

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