Bulk Oils

Quality Bulk Oils for Diverse Applications

At Cannalink, we pride ourselves on supplying premium bulk oils, tailored to meet the specific needs of our diverse clientele. Sourced from the highest quality ingredients, our oils are perfect for rebottling and further processing. Our expansive range comes in considerable volumes such as 25L or larger, designed for business scalability.

Our Product Range

CBD Oils

Crafted meticulously, our CBD oils come in two primary bases: hempseed and MCT. We also offer a special blend of both, allowing for a broader range of applications and customer preferences.

Carrier Oils

Beyond just CBD, our extensive inventory includes a plethora of bulk carrier oils, including but not limited to hempseed, MCT, and organic olive oils. These oils serve as the perfect base for creating numerous end products.

Vitamin Formulations

From sprays to drops and oils, our vitamin formulations cater to a wide range of health and wellness needs. Each product is formulated with precision to ensure maximum efficacy.

CBD E-Liquids

Tailored for the ever-growing vaping community, our bulk CBD E-Liquids come in various flavours and CBD concentrations. Quality-tested and flavour-packed, these are a must-have for any vaping product line.

Functional Mushroom Tinctures

Harnessing the therapeutic potential of mushrooms, our tinctures stand out in their purity and potency. A valuable addition to any wellness-centric product line.

Liposomal Vitamin Formulations

Our liposomal vitamin formulations are crafted to ensure enhanced absorption and maximum health benefits. Using state-of-the-art technology, these formulations promise optimum delivery and efficacy.

Why Choose Cannalink’s Bulk Oils?

Our approach to bulk supply is not just about the product but about building robust, lasting partnerships. We invest time to genuinely understand each client’s unique objectives. Whether you’re launching a new product line or elevating an existing one, our team of seasoned experts collaborates closely, ensuring your goals are not just met, but exceeded.

The art of crafting the perfect CBD Oil involves diluting the hemp extract with a carrier oil, ensuring it remains liquid at room temperature. At Cannalink, we’ve refined this art, providing a range of ready-to-use bulk oils.

Choose Cannalink for flexibility in formulations, volumes, and a commitment to quality in every drop.

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