Our Labs

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility

Situated strategically in the UK, Cannalink labs focus on modernity, precision, and systematic efficiency. Our facility is not merely a manufacturing hub, we do brand & retail fulfilment & more.

Research & Development

Our R&D division harnesses cutting-edge technology and robust methodologies to catalyse product innovation. We undertake rigorous explorative processes, ensuring that each product we develop aligns with market trends and industry benchmarks. 

Sampling Services

Quality assurance is integral to our operational framework. We deploy advanced quality protocols for various sample categories, reinforcing Cannalink’s commitment to product excellence at each phase.

White Label Manufacturing

Our white label offerings are a synthesis of industry best practices and tailored solutions. We specialise in CBD Oil and ancillary products, encompassing cosmetics and vapes, upholding the highest industry standards to support brand positioning.

Functional Mushroom Complex & Powder Encapsulation

Addressing the rising demand for functional mushroom complexes, our encapsulation services are calibrated for optimal product preservation and potency. This ensures product integrity from inception to dispatch.

Blending and Bottling

Operational excellence is demonstrated in our blending and bottling process. Conducted within our ISO7 clean room, we integrate streamlined operations with our expansive daily capacity, ensuring timely delivery without compromising on quality.

Extended Service Capability

Our competencies, though rooted in CBD and mushroom-derived products, transcend these categories. Our infrastructure is adept at handling projects across spectrums, including but not limited to vitamins, food supplements, and vaping solutions.

Why Partner with Cannalink?

Choosing Cannalink is an endorsement of a partnership that prioritises quality, efficiency, and market relevance. With our modern facility, seasoned professionals, and unwavering commitment to industry standards, we guarantee an alliance that adds value at every touchpoint.

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