Broad Spectrum Distillate (90% >0.3%)

CBD Distillate is a refined Cannabis extract usually derived from the Hemp flower. Most common CBD Distillates are about 80% in purity while the other 20% of the product is made up of a variety of minor cannabinoids ranging from CBG, CBDV, CBDa, terpenes and plant oils.

Our Broad Spectrum Distillate is a cut above the rest with a 90% Purity, of those cannabinoids present the THC levels are below 0.3% making this Distillate perfect for creating product formulations that fall within European Regulations.

If you are looking into producing CBD E-Liquids, Oral Tinctures or Edibles then our broad spectrum distillate is the ideal candidate as it bring not only purity but quality and peace of mind.

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