Water Soluble Solutions: Advancing Formulation Possibilities


Revolutionising Ingredient Integration

It’s a widely known fact – oil and water rarely coexist harmoniously. However, with advancements in science and technology, we have devised innovative ways to break these natural barriers. At Cannalink, we proudly present our suite of water soluble ingredients, unlocking unprecedented formulation possibilities and expanding product horizons.

Water Soluble CBD: 

The traditional challenges associated with CBD oil’s integration into water-based products prompted the quest for a more versatile solution. Our water soluble CBD, with a concentration of 5%, offers a seamless infusion into liquids, opening doors to novel applications, especially in the mainstream Food & Drink sector.

Expanding the Spectrum of Solubility

Our research and development extend beyond just CBD. Recognising the diverse needs of our clients and the evolving market dynamics, we have broadened our portfolio to include:

  • CBDa Water Soluble: A precursor to CBD, offering unique benefits.
  • CBG Water Soluble: Often dubbed the ‘mother of cannabinoids’, showcasing immense potential.
  • Water Soluble Terpenes: Offering distinct aromas and flavours, enhancing the holistic experience.
  • Liposomal Vitamins: Enhancing absorption rates and efficacy.
  • Water Soluble Flavours: Amplifying taste profiles in diverse formulations.

Benefits of Water Soluble Ingredients

Embracing water soluble solutions isn’t just about compatibility; it’s about maximising the potential of each ingredient. These formulations:

  • Ensure uniform distribution in the end product.
  • Enhance bioavailability, ensuring optimal ingredient absorption.
  • Expand product innovation opportunities, from beverages to cosmetics.
  • Are tailored for the burgeoning health-conscious consumer market.

Not Just CBD: The Wider Realm of Water Soluble Offerings

The world of food supplements is vast and varied. Recognising the need for diverse water soluble ingredients, we have invested in procuring and perfecting a wide range of materials. Whether you’re aiming to formulate a refreshing beverage, a nourishing skin serum, or a health-boosting supplement, our versatile array of water soluble ingredients promises to elevate your product to the next level.

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