About Cannalink


Our Story

Established at the forefront of white label CBD manufacturing, Cannalink is a UK based white label manufacturer working with the potential of natural ingredients. Initiated in 2015 by Colin O’Donnell, our story is intertwined with a vision that is rooted in the profound qualities of adaptogens, herbs, and mushrooms. A life-altering family incident drove Colin into the world of white label manufacturing for UK clients, specifically wellness products. Identifying a gap in the sector, he envisioned a company that not only manufactures but innovates, ensuring each white label product doesn’t just exist but excels in the market.

Our Mission

At Cannalink, we stand at the intersection of nature and science. Our business objective is twofold. Firstly, to provide an unparalleled B2B manufacturing service, giving brand owners a tailored, transparent approach supported by our seasoned team. Secondly, we’re not merely in the business of creating products; we’re dedicated to sculpting market leaders. Each white label CBD formulation echoes our promise: delivering high-quality, affordable solutions, efficiently addressing the dynamic demands of the B2B market.

Why Choose Cannalink?

  • Impressive Scalability: With the capacity to produce over 10,000 units of bottled white label products & more than 30,000 white label powder capsules daily, including specialty items like mushroom complex powders, we’re equipped to handle projects of all magnitudes.
  • In-House Excellence: Based in the UK, our entire white label CBD production process is carried out in-house, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and no compromises on quality. This in-house approach signifies that we neither outsource nor subcontract, maintaining complete control over the production lifecycle.
  • End-to-End Brand Solutions: From conceptualisation to execution, we offer a comprehensive solution for brands, tailored to their distinct requirements.
  • Unwavering Commitment to Standards: We pledge the use of traceable ingredients, operations within our ISO7 clean environment, and absolute transparency in every phase.
  • B2B Excellence: Our core values encapsulate our B2B ethos perfectly: transparency, integrity, and a consistent pursuit of quality. With Cannalink, partners are choosing more than a manufacturer; they’re aligning with white label CBD & nootropic manufacturing excellence.

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